Volantino Interattivo is an innovative System designed to make your flyer interactive and usable on every digital device.


Volantino Interattivo has many features. For example:

Interactive index

Shows an index to quickly reach the desired page.

Product detail

Shows the details of every product. The user can also choose the variety and quantity to add to the shopping list.

Product search

The user can search a specific product in the flyer, directly or by category / undercategory

Extra contents

Extra contents can be shown, like recipes, videos, curiosities about the product and so on.The user experience will be more dynamic, engaging and complete.

Shopping list

This feature allows to make the shopping List directly from the flyer. The user can save it, and export in electronic format in their own device or on the most used communication channels.

Stats report

This features allows to have reports about every campaign and analyze the user’s behaviour, in a way to optimize the next campaigns, reaching the real consumer interests.

More about Volantino Interattivo

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