Your CED in the cloud!

Cloud computing

Thanks to the Cloud Computing, is no longer necessary to buy various systems or an entire data center and manage the entire server infrastructure on your own.

Thanks to Cloud is possible to avoid the purchase of Hardware, Software, web or storage systems. In this way, your company can be free of constant monitoring and maintenance work, with related charges and obligations, in favour of using all the advantages of Cloud Computing. 

The main benefits are:

  • Low investments at the beginning
  • Fast services provision
  • Service reliability and continuity
  • No machinery monitoring, maintenance or updating charges

Cloud infrastructure

Badil is able to build, according to your needs, your cloud infrastructure.

We deal with virtualization, server consolidation, automatic Backup & Restore systems, development of Web Application in Cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service) and heterogeneous systems integration.

What do you need?


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